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days of grace is an ethically conscious and slow fashion brand. 

It is crucial to us that we do not profit from the exploitation of people or our environment.


We, at days of grace, are committed to creating change, ethical practices and reducing our environmental impact. 



At days of grace, all garments in our collections will be 'made to order'. This means that we are only making garments as and when they are ordered. We have chosen this specific business model with the aim of reducing textile waste. In addition, this business model gives us the capability to promote slow fashion and control working conditions throughout the production process.

Orders will take between 2 to 3 weeks to dispatch which allows time for pieces to be manufactured by a team of skilled machinists.

We believe that by placing a value on the longevity and the quality of our made to order pieces, this can, in turn, offer an alternative to mass production and simultaneously play a role in moving towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 



Our aim is to produce capsule collections designed to be worn across seasons.

We have chosen to produce garments using natural and deadstock fabrics. Natural fabrics are made up of fibres that come from nature (plants and animals) which include cotton, hemp, bamboo, wool, silk and linen. Deadstock fabrics (also known as surplus or remnant fabrics) are essentially unused and unwanted fabrics. Thus, fabrics which are end-of-the-line, mill overruns, over-ordered or excess fabrics from designers or manufacturers. Using deadstock fabrics helps prevent them from ending up in landfill and also repurposing them. 

Due to the restricted availability and small amount of deadstock fabrics sourced, each piece within our collections will be limited in nature. 

Trims for garments, including zips and buttons, are predominately sourced from local businesses in Melbourne, including MRecht and LZF.


We are proud to manufacture in Australia with all garments in our collections being designed and made in Melbourne.

We treat the people who help us create our garments with respect, kindness and dignity. 

Our packaging (tissue paper, boxes and postcards) is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

We also have a compostable packaging option for customers using comPOSTubble mailers. These mailers have an outer layer made from white, FSC recycled paper and have an interior of compostable bubbles. Our ComPOSTubble mailers have been sourced from Better Packaging Co.

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